On my very first web page, written in 1995 while I was still homeless, I wrote “Home is where the heart is. These are the projects where I live.” I now live in a one-bedroom apartment with my husband, Dr. Wes Browning, and Kahea aka “the cutest kitty in the world.” I still have a lot of projects.

  • SHARE/WHEEL homeless organizing
    Homeless and formerly homeless men and women working together for survival, dignity and community.

    • SHARE (Seattle Housing and Resource Effort) President of the Board of Directors
    • WHEEL (Women’s Housing, Equality and Enhancement League) member of the Executive Committee
  • Founding member of WHEEL Women in Black (WiB) and the Homeless Remembrance Project (HRP).  Designed and maintain the HRP project website and Fallen Leaves.
  • Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project
    Mission: Real Change exists to provide opportunity and a voice for low-income and homeless people while working for economic and social justice.

    • Member of the Board of Directors
    • Member of the Editorial Committee
    • Member of the Homeless Speaker Bureau
    • Contributing writer (and poet)
    • Facilitator of computer workshops and writing workshops
  • Friend of Nickelsville
  • Seattle Raging Granny
  • Member of the 37th District Democrats and former PCO (Precinct Committee Officer) of Precinct 37/2686
  • Member of the Washington State Progressive Caucus
  • Participant in the Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) Residents Action Council (RAC); member of the Leadership Team; designed and maintain the RAC website.
  • Friend of quiet activist art group
  • Participant at the Church of Mary Magdalene and Mary’s Place