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Welcome to my Web! My name is Anitra L. Freeman.
I am sometimes referred to as:

  • Anitra “I am everywhere” Freeman
  • Anitra of the Many Hats
  • NetMama
  • Anitra the Relentlessly Articulate

I am interested in many things, write about most of them, and put most of what I write up on the Web.

I have  worked on peace & justice issues all my life. (I was going to say “adult life” until I remembered organizing a bottle collection drive when I was eight.) When I became homeless in 1995 and got involved in homeless organizing, I decided to focus my activism on homelessness and related issues. Then I found out that everything is related!

Our economic system is creating a great big hole that more and more people are falling into. Every social problem in America that marginalizes someone makes them more likely to fall into that hole- things like racism, heterosexism, mass incarceration, our abandonment of people with mental health issues and many with physical health issues… so I may be blogging about anything!

I also sing, read books, write poetry and garden, so it won’t all be grim.  Plus, I am married to Dr. Wes Browning, who writes a satire column for Real Change, and we are accompanied by Kahea, cutest kitty in the world, so there will of course be cat pictures.

I am 67 years old.

You can find out more about me (maybe more than you ever wanted to know) on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or meander through the 2000+ pages of my older site.



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