Anitra in the Real Change vendors lounge, in from of the entry to the vendors computer workshop

Blitz Recap

I tweeted a lot during last Wednesday’s “Media Blitz on Homelessness” and I only blog-posted once. I’m going to try giving a fuller picture of My Wednesday. (next post: recap of the media’s Wednesday)

Anitra in the Real Change vendors lounge, in from of the entry to the vendors computer workshop

The Real Change office opens at 8 AM on Wednesdays, for delivery of the new week’s papers. I am there at that hour only on special occasions. (I am a nightowl. Morning is an evil conspiracy against the health, peace and sanity of the world.

Journalism students in the Real Change community room to be briefed by vendors in the Homeless Speakers Bureau and journalist on staff at the street nwspaper
International journalism students

This was a special occasion. A group of FIUTS journalism students visited Real Change and heard about us from two vendors and one of our reporters. FIUTS, a program at UW, hosts the Study of the US Institute for Student Leaders in Journalism and New Media (SUSI), sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. This program brings 20 undergraduates from Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Nepal to Seattle. While here, international participants study journalism and new media, and participate in volunteer and service activities, leadership workshops, and cultural excursions.

King County Council ChambersNext in my day was a special joint meting of the Seattle City Council and the King County Council, for a briefing and some public comment. My friend Belinda “Storm” Springer and I went together to Seattle City Hall, only to find that the meeting had been moved to the King County meeting rooms instead. We both made it over there, and we both got to testify for one minute. I told them to stop tearing down low-income housing, and Casey Jaywork tweeted me! I also made a lot of live tweets during the meeting.

Afterward, Storm and I grabbed a late lunch at Subway.

occidental rally 6-19I stopped off briefly at a rally in Occidental Park, where my friend Susan Russell had people making batik hearts and several strings of batik prayer flags (unity flags) were flying.

I went home happy and exhausted, took a nap, and eventually finished eating the donut I got from he journalism students!

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