Book cover image for Lunch with a Bigot: the writer in the world, by Amativa Kumar

Latest in the TBR stack: Amativa Kumar

I found the recommendation for this book in Time’s “12 Great Author’s Pick Their Essential American Book.” As a writer in the world, and as a human being still working out how to dignilogue with people who disagree with me on the dignity to accord different persons, I could not resist the description:

“To be a writer, Amitava Kumar says, is to be an observer. The twenty-six essays in Lunch with a Bigot [*] are Kumar’s observations of the world put into words. A mix of memoir, reportage, and criticism, the essays include encounters with writers Salman Rushdie and Arundhati Roy, discussions on the craft of writing, and a portrait of the struggles of a Bollywood actor. The title essay is Kumar’s account of his visit to a member of an ultra-right Hindu organization who put him on a hit-list. In these and other essays, Kumar tells a broader story of immigration, change, and a shift to a more globalized existence, all the while demonstrating how he practices being a writer in the world.”

* Link goes to Amazon. Buy the book where you will! If you do buy it from Amazon, a few cents of your purchase will go to the Real Change Empowerment Project.

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